Bold and Driven?
Let's do this! 

Lucia Goncalves Product Owner
Bold and Driven? Let's do this! 

Our application journey. 

Our success means we’re growing, so we’re always looking for people who are excited about developing their career. We love to get applications from as broad a range of candidates as we can: inclusivity sparks innovation. We welcome difference. Our people drive our business and they know they can be authentic at work. We’re all unique and diversity fuels our success.  So, let’s get real.  

And there’s always room to grow; that’s what animates us, gives us our get up and go. So, we push forward, collaborating and developing. We learn and we’re not scared to fail, we just try again until we crack it!

If you’re intrigued about one of the roles we’re advertising, please apply even if you’re worried you might not have 100% of the skills or experience we’re asking for. Maybe we’ll have a vacancy elsewhere that would suit you better.

We’re all busy people so we’ve made the application process as straightforward as we can. We want to find out exactly how you tick and let you learn more about us, but we won’t ask you to jump through lots of unnecessary hoops along the way. Here’s what happens: