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Lucia Goncalves Product Portfolio Manager
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First Central and Dare to Dream

Young people today can feel overwhelmed. Our partnership supports the next generation of local talent to overcome difficulties and dream big.

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Apprenticeships at First Central

As a business First Central's constantly adapting and evolving. It's not enough to keep pace, we want to stay ahead. So do our people.

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Unmind: our mental health app

Blue Monday’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year but we’re not miserable. Far from it; we’re excited! 2024’s going to be great.

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Glassdoor's top UK companies

Based on colleague reviews, the job and recruiting website Glassdoor has recognised us as one of the UK's best employers for 2024. We're so pleased.

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First Central's very first DATAfest's a winner

We love to say First Central's powered by its people. It's true. We're an engaged, energetic community and we live and breathe DATA...

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Celebrating men throughout the world

November 19th, International Men's Day, is an opportunity to reflect on all the good stuff they contribute and to consider the prejudice and bias they face.

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First Central boosts its Community Connections

It's our 15th birthday so we gave £15,000 to charities our colleagues championed, helping MND Guernsey, animal shelters and football & rugby clubs.

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We're a Great Place to Work in Insurance

First Central's a top 5 achiever on the Best Workplace list for Financial Services! We're officially a Great Place to Work overall, Women and Wellbeing.

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An inclusive workplace? Our door's wide open.

It’s not just empty talk, we walk the walk and back our words up with comprehensive policies that let people live and work well.

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Do you talk data?

First Central’s dynamos host Data Learning at Work Week. As a tech-savvy insurer we know it's crucial all our people get stuck in to talk, use and understand data.

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First Central ranks #9 in the UK’s Best Workplaces for Women 2023

Women thrive with us and we encourage them throughout their careers. We've ranked #9 in the UK’s Best Workplaces for Women 2023 list!

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First Central champions good mental health

This Mental Health Awareness Week was the perfect time to announce we're giving all our managers mental health training. It includes our execs and it's compulsory.

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Celebrating the brilliance of Insurance Nerds everywhere.

The insurance industry is dynamic and full of surprises. Its workers around the world even have their own day of recognition. Let's find out why...

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It's Learning at Work Week every week at First Central

This year’s Learning at Work Week (LAW) ticked all our boxes. Find out how 'Create the Future' echoed our exciting career development plans.

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We're officially a Great Place to Work!

We did it! First Central Insurance and Technology Group has been recognised as one of 2023's Best Workplaces™ in the UK!

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5 common mistakes made in interviews | First Central career advice

Calling all talent: First Central’s going places.

Our bold plans mean we’re on a mission. We’re first and foremost ‘people people’, and we need more talented team players to join the gang.

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How to apply for a job from your phone | First Central career advice

Love data? You’re speaking our language.

We’re self-confessed data nerds at First Central and we’ve introduced a Data Mastery Programme for everyone, whatever their current skillset and role.

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Be vigilant of scammers | Career advice | First Central careers

Consumer protection; from fair to good.

Putting people first is second nature to us. From 31st July the FCA’s introducing tougher, clearer standards called ‘The Consumer Duty’.

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7 ways to reduce stress at work | First Central career advice

Continuous improvement the First Central Way.

Every day great things happen at First Central. Why? Because colleagues are always on the lookout for better ways of working. Quicker, more efficient, sleeker.

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How to upload a CV from your phone | First Central career advice

Insurance isn’t boring. Fact!

Insurance isn’t boring. Fact! Forget all your biased thinking, insurance has a fascinating backstory (doesn’t everyone these days...?) It’s also a major force in the UK and global economy.

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