Our sustainability focus
at First Central.

Let's talk sustainability. 

We know businesses like ours have big shoes to fill as the pressures on the world’s resources have never been higher. So, we’re changing the way we do things. 

What’s that mean? Well, our Climate and Sustainability Strategy focuses on a few key areas. 

Making sure we’re as efficient as we can be by trying to use only what we need when it comes to food, water, and energy. 

Reducing our impact on climate change by decreasing our carbon footprint and exploring ways to offset the carbon we can’t avoid using.

Having an ethical approach to how we do things. We think about how our decisions impact people and the planet, not just our profit. 

Our Green Commitments

In 2022, we started by getting someone cleverer than us to come in and work out how much carbon we produce as a business. They provided us with some suggestions for reducing our output. Simple right? 

Our Low Carbon Action Plan (we like to call it LCAP for short, it sounds a bit snazzier) covers a range of areas of focus including: 

Empowering Colleagues to go Green 

For colleagues we offer:

  1. Electric vehicle (EV) charging points in our offices
  2. Cycle Scheme
  3. Tusker Drive Electric Car Scheme
  4. Season Ticket Loans
  5. Environmental Newsletters
  6. Volunteering opportunities

There will always be more to do to stay ahead but we’ve made a start. The systems we’ve set out will keep us all accountable; we need to work responsibly so the world’s better for everyone. We can do it.