Continuous improvement 
the First Central Way.

Every day great things happen at First Central. Why? Because colleagues are always on the lookout for better ways of working. Quicker, more efficient, sleeker. Maximising value and outcomes for customers inside and outside the company. It’s a given.  

The world is changing and we’re growing. As we expand and thrive, we can’t assume the measures we developed yesterday to help us perform better and smarter will work tomorrow. We need to stay ahead; merely keeping up isn’t an option. Our continuous improvement journey’s never over; we’re forever progressing our strategy and processes so they’re a core part of our roles. Customers are at the heart of everything we do; continuous improvement’s fundamental to serving them as brilliantly as we can every day. 

We’re on a roll and the drive to maintain our focus comes from the top. It’s that important. Our Exec Team knows First Central’s agility, our ambitious goals and lasting success depend on us constantly adapting and advancing. We’re achieving great stuff already. As Zuzana Clark, Chief Transformation Officer, says, “Continuous improvement and personal development go hand in hand and I’m proud of our Operational Excellence team for securing accreditation of our in-house continuous improvement training programme by the Lean Competency System (LCS.) It’s highly regarded recognition of the quality and practical application of the training materials. We’re in the progress of supporting over 100 colleagues who are on their journey to obtaining accreditation.”  

Lots of our teams are embedding tools such as daily team hubs, structured problem solving and running small proofs of concepts and pilots so we can try ideas out, fail fast and try again. It’s paying off. But, it's time to take things a step further. We’re eager to evolve. We want to deliver better outcomes, faster. How? By understanding value inside and out and prioritising work which most improves quality and customer experience. We know what will work: embedding our approach to continuous improvement, the First Central Way, throughout the company.  

Our Operational Excellence team’s taken different improvement systems and worked out a fantastic programme based on the best principles of each. So, regardless of people’s role, department or grade, the theories will be relevant for everyone and will help them to enhance the way they work now. Good’s OK but we want great. For everyone. We’ll start with senior colleagues so they can inspire their teams to develop the agile, inquisitive and creative mindsets we need to succeed better. We’ll involve even those with zero experience; they’ll get all the support they need from our Operational Excellence aces.  

The First Central Way represents our determination to be inspirational in what we do. To perform remarkably for customers and each other. We’re different and the First Central Way is our path to mastery. Join us.  

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