Love data? 
You’re speaking our language.

We’re self-confessed data nerds at First Central. Proud number crunchers. Data uncovers rich, powerful insights into what makes our business tick. It equips us with the 20:20 vision we need to weigh risk exactly against customer satisfaction and our strategic ambitions. It’s data that fuels our speed, our clarity and our fairness. We’ve perfected an efficient service that delivers clear, comprehensive cover at a fair price. Simple. 

But we’re where we are only because we’ve learned how to make sense of the numbers. We’re great at uncovering the figures we need, mixing them and slicing them up in different ways so they tell us a story. It’s amazing what we can find out. We identify business opportunities and make solid, fact-based development decisions. Data’s our superpower. 

Take the following very simple example:  

Stark numbers tell us not only what’s happening at particular times but why, and what we learn informs what we do next. We’re on a mission to spread this know how. Throughout the company from top to bottom we’re supporting colleagues to grow in confidence and improve their decision making by developing sharper data skills. It’ll keep us competitive, boost efficiency and nurture growth. It’s key to our mission of making every experience richer through data ingenuity. 

How? We’ve introduced a Data Mastery Programme for everyone, whatever their current skillset and role. A gap analysis showed us there were huge differences in people’s ability and self-belief. We found many factors influenced how they felt, including demographics and gender. We’re making sure we support every colleague to be data literate. Using a mixture of training and practice, our programme’s tailored around different learning styles and caters for everyone from beginners to boffins. Helping people to decipher data’s a no brainer. It’ll create a shared understanding and encourage collaboration and networking.  

There’s more. We want everyone to grow not only their data knowledge but their tech savviness. In the UK, tech roles now account for 14% of all job opportunities, up from 11% four years ago, and equipping people with the abilities these roles call for is crucial for economic growth. We’re also mindful that women have traditionally veered away from tech- and data-heavy careers and we’re encouraging colleagues and future talent to think differently.  

Claudia Wright’s been a Data Business Analyst at First Central for the last ten months having worked in data for 10 years, her career before covering software development and banking analysis. She loves the fascinating narratives data can expose. Who doesn’t love a good story? Claudia’s is definitely feel good. 

“First Central is a fantastic employer. Colleagues have been welcoming and supportive from day one… My advice for people interested in working in data is to just give it a go. You have the perfect mindset If you have a passion for data and the way data can be used to support colleagues and the business. You’ll also need to be a good communicator and listener.” 

Alana Robertson’s another data superhero. After studying maths at university, she took a course on Big Data and became a Data Scientist. Her career highlight was leading a winning team in an organisation-wide innovation competition. The system they developed generated customer insight so customer-facing colleagues could improve service and increase sales. This sparked her move into Data Product Ownership and, despite initial nerves, she hasn’t looked back. 

“I’ve found First Central to be a place which encourages innovation and thrives on fresh ideas from any level of the organisation. This unique culture builds confidence in its people and rewards them for being brave. If I had one piece of advice for people considering a career in data, I would say ‘back yourself – you are more capable than you believe. Data is a place of huge opportunity and has the perfect mix of technical and non-technical skills and knowledge”.  

We’ll always back people who are not afraid to bring fresh ideas to the table. So, if you speak data, let’s talk. 


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