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How to upload a CV from your phone


You’ve just spotted an amazing job opportunity with a great-looking company in the perfect location, but then you notice that the closing date for applications is 5pm today. Your CV is on your laptop, which is at home, and you won’t be back in time to apply. So what do you do?

Thankfully there are lots of ways to get easy access to your CV from your phone.

If you have an iPhone

CVs look most professional when they’re saved as a PDF. You’ll need to do this on a computer first by clicking ‘Save as’ in Word and changing the ‘Save as type’ to PDF in the drop-down menu.

Next, open iTunes on your computer and the folder where you saved the PDF of your CV. Drag and drop the PDF into the ‘Books’ section in your iTunes library. Then sync your phone, remembering to sync your ‘Books’ too. Simple as that! Now you’re ready to apply for jobs using your phone.

If you don't have an iPhone

There are plenty of apps you can download in order to store and easily access your CV. Try Dropbox, Google Docs, or OneDrive

If you're applying for a job through a job site, you will probably have already uploaded your CV to your account, so you can just take it from here. 

Some employers recognise that more and more people are using their phones to apply for jobs and LinkedIn now has the option to apply for some jobs using your LinkedIn profile.

So what’re you waiting for? Save your CV to your phone now so you’re always prepared for that perfect job opportunity.

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